FAQs – Pet Feeder with Camera

How do I set up the Electronic Smart Feeder with Camera?

It is easy to set up the Electronic Smart Feeder with Camera, you need a power, smartphone and wifi.  Unpack your new product, place it in a location where your pets hang out, plug into the powerpoint, download the FunPet app on your smartphone, follow the prompts and you are done.

Is the camera megapixel?

Yes, it is a megapixel camera that streams real time into your pets.  The camera is wide angle lens 130 degree viewing. See what your pets get up to when you are not at home.

Can I hear my pets via the Electronic Smart Feeder with Camera?

Yes, it is a two-way audio, you can hear them and you can speak to your pets. Just press the speak button on your app.

Can I put the Electronic Smart Feeder with Camera outside?

No, this product is an inside electronic item which cannot get wet.

Can I zoom in with the camera?

Yes, you can via your smartphone.  Log in the app and select ‘Camera’, when the camera comes up on your screen, use your fingers to enlarge the camera to zoom in.

Can I take video of my pets remotely?

Yes, when you log into the app, go to the camera, press record.  It will be saved in the gallery in the app.  You can share the video on social media too.

Can I speak to my pets via the Electronic Smart Feeder with Camera?

Yes, you can.  The built in microphone is clear, your pets can hear you when you speak to them.

How does my pet know it has food in the tray with the Electronic Smart Feeder with Camera?

You can prerecord your voice; it will play to your pet when the food is being dispensed.


FAQs – Pet GPS

Is the Pet GPS waterproof?

Yes the Pet GPS is waterproof.

Do I need a 3G/4G sim card to use the Pet GPS?

Yes, a sim card needs to be placed in the device.

Can I track my pet on the GPS app?

Yes, you can track where your pet is on the app.

Can I set a boundary for my pet and be alerted when the pet moves outside the pre-set area?

Yes, set the boundary for your device, when the pet leaves the designated area an alarm will alert you on your smart phone.